Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Style

Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Solutions for people with hearing loss in mainly one ear.

Product Features

We typically recommend either a CROS or a BiCROS system. A CROS system consists of a single microphone and single receiver contained in two individual devices (one for each ear). The ear with little-to-no functional hearing is fit with the microphone-equipped device, and the ear with normal hearing is fit with the receiver-equipped device. Sound arriving at the ear with hearing loss will then transmit through a wireless connection to the receiver-equipped device on the normal-hearing ear — to help you hear sounds regardless of which side they’re coming from.

A BiCROS system consists of a microphone-equipped device that is fit to the poorer-hearing ear and a conventional hearing aid fit to the better-hearing ear that has some hearing loss.

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My dad has been a client of Mark Stevenson's for a few years, and his care for his clients/patients is EXCEPTIONAL! He really listens to the concerns of his clients/patients, and my dad has been VERY pleased with his hearing aid and the newest technology it provides. Thank you for...

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Deanna Wall, on Google

I took my mother here after several years of thinking she was either losing her hearing or that some other underlying cause was affecting her hearing. Mark was absolutely amazing and took care of her. Not only was the mystery of her hearing issues revealed, but she can now hear...

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Amber Kelley, on Google

My visit today was amazing! Dr. Stevenson examined my ears and flushed them out and I must say it's life changing. I had absolutely no idea how badly I needed this examination until afterwards. I hear so much more clearly. I am very thankful to Dr. Stevenson and I highly...

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Lori Northcott, on Google

We were treated with understanding and professionalism. Dr Steven was extremely helpful and after testing got my mom measured for the hearing aid she needed at no cost to her. It was completely paid by her insurance. All this was accomplished in the one visit. We had been to another...

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Carmelita Ridgeway, on Google

I just recently moved to Marietta and had a very pleasant and productive first visit here for what I thought would be a hearing aid repair. As it turned out, it just needed a more thorough cleaning. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will be using them going...

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Tom Bonnar, on Google